Airport activity window, section of window not showing A/C.

I just wanted you to be aware of a situation in which on my local airport, 8M1, there are no aircraft being displayed on the top upper part of the window. Same with TUP. However, looking at OLV or MEM, they show up. Even from 8M1, I used to be able to see MEM traffic north of the TN/MS state line, but not anymore. But even on MEM, the flights to the left part of the window disappear long before the edge of the window. It has been this way for about 2 weeks.

Just want someone to know, so it can be looked into.



Why, thank you, Jeff.

Now, use the search link at the top of the page to look for this very same topic - only regarding the ICT area - to find your answer.

Answer? I don’t think an answer or explanation has been found yet.

There is also another thread by 88nitro305 in the Notable Activity section which describes this very same problem.

Obviously this is a nationwide problem that needs to be looked at followed with an explanation from FliteAware staff!