Airport activity can't be right

While I have never been to Cleburne, something tells me that the activity page is horribly wrong. What’s up with this?

It’s somehow picked up departures for Capetown (CPT, ICAO: FACT) and
assigned them to KCPT. :confused:

When I looked at the page it showed the Cape Town flight information AND 1 flight from Abiline to Cleburne.

Yea, NCL has some funny flights too. We’re working on it.

NCL = Craney Island (KNCL)
NCL = Newcastle UK (EGNT)

There are others where the 3-letter (FAA & IATA) codes are the same. Can’t remember them off hand, but the same thing is probably happening there.

Mostly fixed, expect decreasing levels of weirdness as they day goes on.