Airport Activity - Bug or Feature?

After clicking on airport departures - more, when I click on a column heading and it will only sort the entries descending. It will not give an option to re-sort ascending. Is that intentional?


Click on the arrow to reverse the sort order.

I did that. It doesn’t give a reverse arrow or reverse listing.

Clicking on the arrow on the expanded board you linked to (KATL departures) sent me to … t;sort=ASC which is the same board sorted in reverse.

Doesn’t work for me. When I clicked on the link in your message go to the screen and clicked on a column. The data stays ascending–no change.

Originally you had the page as descending. If you click on the arrow, or my link, it switches to ascending. If you change columns it will stay ascending until you click the arrow again.

Got it. I was not clicking on the arrow itself. Most other sites, you click on the column heading.