Airlines of the West and the Iron Curtain

In your point of view do you think airlines of the Iron Curtain are better than thos of the west like East Germany’s Interflug and The Soviet Unions Aeroflot, and which side do you think made better planes and do you think the Iron Curtain’s airlines had better food, or comfort on aircraft than on western airlines?

The Soviet Union had a reputation for building overbuilt aircraft. They were not as fuel efficient as aircraft of the west because they were heavier. Creature comforts were not always at the top of the list when it came to aircraft design.

It is difficult to determine how safe Aeroflot and other eastern Europe airlines were because accidents were not reported to the west unless the accident occurred outside of the Soviet bloc of nations.

Interflug and most other eastern European airlines all had Soviet aircraft. A notable exception was JAT (Yugoslavia). Jat had mainly western aircraft including, at various times, Convair 440, DC-10, 727, Caravelle, and DC-9.

The Soviets built some aircraft that were excellent for what they were designed for. An example would be the AN-2. The Soviets also built many large helicopters that didn’t have any equivalents in the west.

I’v also seen the lost Ekranoplans which here in the west now no one really knows but it seemed to be a good aircraft, i’ve also seen some Interflug Airbus aircraft like the A310-300 and the Dash-8-100, but iv never seen a Inturflug DC-10.

Your posting sounded like you were talking about the past. Remember: there is no Soviet Union anymore nor is there an Interflug, at least not the one that operated as the flag carrier of East Germany. They did, however, operated the A310 as you mentioned.

What are Ekranoplans?

As I said, the eastern European (i.e. Soviet bloc) nations, with the exception of Yugoslavia, operated Soviet aircraft such as the IL-18, IL-62, TU-154, TU-134, etc.

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