Airlines brace for shortages of pilots - Washington Post


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Will there still be a shortage in about 7 years? :laughing:


The airline industry is looking to hire 65,000 pilots by 2012 including 12,000 this year but is fighting a slew of retirements, a dearth of new recruits and competition from overseas carriers and the U.S. military.

“I think that between 2010 and 2020 the pilot shortage is really going to be exacerbated with those retirements,” said Daniel Elwell, assistant administrator for the FAA.

Sounds like there will be. Pilot salaries will probably go a lot higher in the coming years. I guess the turmoil will result in a lot of new-comers jumping into the left seat in a relatively short time as well. :smiley:


Sorry, the link wouldn’t load the first time. Could have answered my own question.


[ News from ANN ]]( backs older Pilots.

[ from ANN ] ]( Airways is hiring 350 pilots.


[ A better link to the story ] ]( Airways is hiring 350 pilots.