Does anyone know if the registration for is free and is it worth signing up for. Do they tell you the new pictures that have benn added daily because i have a hard time finding the new pics there.


Yes, no, yes.

Yes, you can register to upload pics for free.

No, “Registration” (you can post in their forum) cost $$. You can acess the forum but you can’t post (or reply) in it.

Yes, they have a place for that on their page(middle down).

Great site. Lots of good plane pics!



I would say its worth it, I have been a member under the same name there for about a year and a half now.


If you want details on registration (for the forums) fees:

Is it worth it? Maybe. I’ll probably end up joining sooner or later, because there are some discussions that I just can’t stand to sit out of…On the other hand, there’s just an awful lot of “A vs. B” bulls**t that just keeps undulating back & forth with every media release regarding the 787 or the A350/380. :imp: It gets a little tiresome.


BUT…The wonderful folks at FlightAware still believe in FREE speech!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Yeah for FA!!


There are also tons of just plain stupid people on that site. People who don’t know anything about aviation and post as if they do. Take info there with a grain of salt, although you begin to realize after reading the forums for a while which members are credible or not. I personally wouldn’t go near it if it weren’t for the Tech/Ops forum, since the main CivAv forum is mainly good for rumors and bickering, and is good just for the occasional announcements, and the rare good discussion.


The forum is full of deadweight. Too me, the only reason to join would be for the full screen pics! :wink:


And pay an additional $5 a month? No thanks.


You know, I feel that same way ‘boy, these people are all wrong about X’ every once in a while, but I long ago gave up arguing points on the Internet, at least with a certain “segment” of people. Those boards in particular have a looooooooooot of “wannabees” on them, and I can’t stomach paying money to just beat my head against the wall.



(image removed by moderator)


That “poster” is very offensive and not in the least humorous.

Please remove it.

Then give thanks, if you’re able, that you’re not the individual pictured.



Looks like someone wouldn’t do very well on :wink:


Hey Newark777,
I saw the image you posted too. I prefer to think you weren’t trying to make fun of a certain segment of our population on purpose, just trying to make a point. (maybe without thinking of how we would be offended…I for one know someone who is the permanent caregive to her younger 50 something year old “special needs” brother. It’s a cross none of us should ever have to bear) At any rate, I guess you aren’t very impressed by the discussions on that site.


You could say that. And if you were offended by that picture, definitely don’t join. If you are going to go over there and complain to the members that they offend you, just save the $25.


Don’t judge me by my scribblings here.

That would be your second mistake.



I never judged you. And what was the first mistake, pray tell?


LOL LOL LOL O man!! You can say that again!!! Hahahahaha Oh, that is so funny!!! LOL hahahaha!!!


Hi I’m new here & I just want to say, that, I found a link to this web site on I find their forums can get a bit too long to read all the replies to the posts :unamused: :laughing: :smiley:




I’ve also been a member on there for too long now and imho it was well worth the one off fee of 20 or whatever it converts to in GBP. Can’t say I’m interested in the majority of the discussions and don’t care much for the pics either, good though they are, but I enjoy reading the rare birds threads and any new airliner deliveries / ferry flights etc.



That is one good site for information. They do have daily updates. They also have a forum such as this one, but you’d have to became a paying member. Their cheapest account is $25 bucks. If you are thinking on posting a picture there, you better be prepared to be rejected, unless you are a good photographer (according to their terms and conditions). The database has lots of info about airports and airplanes (codes, regstrations, etc). Check it out and have a good time. You can also go to . 8)