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AirlineFlightSchedules - Not working with multiple parameters

I am trying to use the AirlineFlightSchedules API to retrieve future flights from a specified airport to another specified airport on a specified airline but am having trouble. When I request scheduled flights from KSDF to PANC via UPS, the return is empty. The start date is now and the end date is 1 week from now.

When I search only flights from KSDF, I get results.
When I search only flights into PANC, I get results.
When I search only UPS flights, I get results.
But when I combine the criteria, I get an empty result (“next_offset”: -1).

I thought maybe there just weren’t any flights scheduled but on the website Flight Tracker, I can find 3 flights that meet all of the criteria at time of writing.

it does not appear we receive advance schedules for UPS and therefore you are unable to find them within AirlineFlightSchedules. You could call FleetScheduled on a periodic basis and filter down your origin and destination pairs or call Search or SearchBirdseyeInflight, however, those will only provide data for flights in the air or recently arrived.

Thanks for the reply! When I use AirlineFlightSchedules and only define the carrier as UPS, I get results for future flights. It is only when I try to filter by multiple criteria that it responds with no results.

The results I received when I called just UPS for a 2 week period appear to only show what appears to be a codeshare flight with Lufthansa and it does not appear that origin and destination are correct, nor is the timing correct. We definitely do not have their entire advanced schedule, however.