AirlineFlightSchedules does not find one-stop flights


I am trying to get a schedule for TK6317 flight. This is one-stop flight HEL-OSL-IST. When I search directly on web page, you find it just fine. But through AirlineFlightSchedules API nothing is shown with either:

Why is that? How to get schedule for a single leg or whole flight?
Something similar is with TK6564 flight IST-RUH-HAN.


Airlines fundamentally are operating legs as individual flights, even if they reuse the same flight number for a continuing flight to another destination. AirlineFlightSchedules does not attempt to match possible flight itineraries together to find possible one-stop flights, since it is only intended to find individual flights.

FlightXML3 beta has a new “FindFlight” function that allows you to perform a search of origin-to-destination flights that are not necessarily enroute yet, including non-stop and one-stop flights, although the timespan is generally only going to be within the next 24-48 hours at most.


But I would still consider this a bug. Even if I search schedules for individual legs, only first leg is found.
From example above: AirlineFlightSchedules finds TK6317 if I specify origin=IST and destination=HEL. But not other legs. Even without origin and destination, only IST-HEL leg is shown:

Do you plan on improving this search or should I accept is as it is?

Our schedule data only contains flights that are provided to us by the airlines in advance and are not always comprehensive of all flights that actually get operated by the airlines. In this case, only the IST-HEL segment is published to us for TK6317 even though it seemingly also operates HEL-OSL and OSL-IST segments on the same days.