AirlineFlightSchedules Data Duplicate


Im using AirlineFlightSchedules to get Flight Schedules for CMB / VCBI airport. In result set i saw same flight details are repeating in several times.
To CMB (Colombo Bandaranayake Internation Air Port. Sri Lanka) mostly 70 or 80 flights comes per day. So i setMaximumResultSize to 100 and try to get arrivals data then i saw 100 records are coming and some flights are repeating. Lot of flights are missing. Below is the code i used to get data. Please tell me the reason.

Date today = new Date();
Date tomorrow= new Date();
Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance();
c.add(Calendar.DATE, 1);
tomorrow= c.getTime();

SetMaximumResultSizeResults setMaximumResultSizeResults = df.setMaximumResultSize(new SetMaximumResultSizeRequest(100));

ArrayOfAirlineFlightScheduleStruct arrayOfAirlineFlightScheduleStruct = df.airlineFlightSchedules(new AirlineFlightSchedulesRequest(today.getTime() / 1000, tomorrow.getTime() / 1000, “”, “CMB”, “”, “”, 100, 0)).getAirlineFlightSchedulesResult();

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Flights may be appear listed returned multiple times if they are operated by a codeshare partner. Look at the all of the fields (including “ident” vs “actual_ident”) to see if it is representing a codeshare flight.

The AirlineFlightSchedules function only includes data for major airlines that choose to publish their flight plans in advance through standard industry publishers. Some smaller regional airlines may not participate in the same data arrangements, particularly for countries outside of our primary coverage areas.