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AirlineFlightSchedules and AirportBoard



Is it possible to combine both AirlineFlightSchedules and AirportBoards into one search? For example, I would like the route and flightlevel that all aircraft flew on a set day. I have the silver membership so can access schedules but cannot see where to put it in my code.

Currently, I have this:

$queryParams = Array(
‘start_date’ => $deptime,
‘end_date’ => $arrtime,
‘origin’ => $depIcao,
‘airline’ => $airline,
‘flightno’=> $callsign,
‘exclude_codeshare’=> “TRUE”,
‘howMany’ => 1,
$Url = $fxmlUrl . ‘AirlineFlightSchedules?’ . http_build_query($queryParams);

But not sure where to place the ‘AirportBoards?’ query.

On another note, for some reason when exporting my result to SQL database, all results are labelled ‘Array’ - maybe something small and stupid I haven’t done!



The two queries remain separate. However, the fa_ident/faFlightID can be used to match the results from the to endpoints. A faFlightID is a unique identifier for a single flight event. If looking at a specific airline the FleetBoards endpoint may be more useful.

The flights object in the response is an array of matching results. This example contains a method for parsing through the flights array in a FlightInfoStatus request.


That’s great, thanks for that. The only issue is that with FleetBoards is that I can’t enter start_date and end_date as an input which is the main part of my query.

I’ll have a look at the example to parse the fa_ident to the FlighInfoStatus as this looks like the best way to return the information I’m looking for.