Airline research: wanted travellers for business purposes

Airline research: wanted travellers for business purposes

Are you sometimes travelling by airlines for business purposes? If yes, we are looking for you!

For a research of the University of Leuven (Belgium) we want to ask travellers for business purposes to evaluate the relationship with their airline company. Your cooperation to this study is of vital importance if I want to succeed in my PhD project. Filling in the survey will take 15 minutes at most.

When you participate in our survey, you get the chance to win a SwingGift-cheque of 250 or one of ten SwingGift-cheques worth 50.

If you want to participate in this research, you can fill in your e-mail address on the following webpage:

We will only use your e-mail address to send you a hyperlink to the online survey. Meanwhile we want to thank you for your willingness.

Robrecht Van Goolen
Researcher K.U.Leuven

Be interesting to see what I get out of this. Will post my experiences…


I’ll also do this since airline flying is a major thing with my family!
Wonder what effect this has? :smiley:


The only thing missing is the free ipod/xbox/handbag/viagra offer.

And a link to the survey as it’s not an automated response :smiley:

Your thoughts were my sentiments… All sorts of red flags.


Exactly my thoughts! :open_mouth:

Holton :smiley:

All you have to do is to open a new hotmail-type address that you can later forget about and will be canceled out automatically somewhere in time.

I’d never use my usual address on a thing like this.


I created a secondary Gmail account for exact reasons like that. Kinda had wished I put the secondary address for this forum as spam harvesters that extracted from Google archives and this website contaminated my primary email addy. I don’t know what I was thinking! :smiley:

Thankfully, Gmail does have an excellent filtering system. Between that and POP access with Outlook and setting various rules I see exactly what I want, when I want.


It does seem to be a real university.

Real or not, intent looks suspicious.

I have not heard anything back on it, zip, zero, zilch which only raises more red flags in my opinion.


The hyperlink will be send later on …
I am now generating a database of people who are willing to cooperate.

There is nothing suspicious about my message, my university does really excist in Belgium.
You can look up my personal profile via “search for staff” (located on the top of the screen of the homepage of my university)

I want to thank all the people that already filled in their e-mail.

P.S. : Could you guys delete your previous messages, since they have a bad influence on the willingness to cooperate :confused:


When a person makes a first post that is soliciting something not exactly flight tracking related, flags rightfully go up and motive looks suspicious…

I posted my message so that others can learn from my experience.

To be honest, me sending a message to lala land and NOT hearing anything is not a positive experience. How do we know you are not trying to mine email addresses for neferious reasons?

The word Phishing should come to mind as well. The right thing to have done was to acknowledge the email I sent and explain what you did here a week later.

I know that if somebody else did the same thing and had a negative experience, and saved me the time of trying, I would have appreciated it.



It appears that you’re receiving a failing grade from the members of FA. Your failure to take into consideration the skepticism of the intent of your request given the widespread malice found on the internet. Your lack of preparation by not reinforcing any legitimacy to your request may have already prejudiced your efforts in gathering data.

Many thanks to all the people who already cooperated in my research!

You can still leave your e-mail to participate, I am still searching for more people to enlarge my database with business travellers!

p.s.: The hyperlink will be send later on, I am first generating a database with business travellers.
My message is not spam!, you can always google my name or look up my profile via the website of my university.

Thanks in advance !

It is still possible to cooperate to this study

The hyperlink will be send shortly after you filled in your e-mail address.
My message is real and genuine!, you can always Google my name or look up my
profile via the website of my university (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven).

Thanks in advance !

This was said two months ago, I sent in my email address and still no courtesy of a reply??? Call me skeptical, in spite of you listing a “real university” outside the country I live in.

And even after you send a link, because of the lack of response, the word “phishing” comes to mind on a link you may be supplying.


Dear Sir,
I am a minister of finance in the Nigerian goverment

Well, then, hell’s bell, it must be be legit!</Texas drawl>

We are currently testing the online survey. Please have a little patience for the hyperlink. I will send out the hyperlink as soon as possible.

Thank you for your co-operation.

With kind regards,
Robrecht Van Goolen