Airline Regulators Grapple With Engine-Shutdown Peril...


Investigators Find, New Icing Threat;
FAA Proposes Rules…


  • The Problem: Engines on commercial jetliners have been shutting down suddenly, but temporarily, in midflight.
  • The Response: After discovering a new kind of icing, airlines and regulators come up with suggestions for
    minimizing the problem, but the shutdowns persist.
  • What’s Next: On Monday, the FAA will propose new flight procedures to address the problem further.

Click Here for article from April 7/08 Wall Street Journal.


Dang Global Warming…




I’d like to see a study conducted. I have a theory this rarity happens more on hub & spoke routes compared to point to point. The reason is hub & spoke tend to be longer flights and thus cruise at a higher altitude. Point to point tend to be shorter flights operated at lower altitudes.

Should we do a poll?


I think a poll is a great idea, but first I think you should read all of Dami’s flight schedules and brochures as I’m sure that the answer can be found there. That said, I don’t think that the laws of thermodynamics and physics pay much heed to route structure.


Nonsense, point to point flights (LHR-PEK, LHR-JFK, JFK-LAS) are longer than hub flights.

Guess we need a poll to establish the facts!


I think we should have a poll to see if we should have a poll! :confused:


Alright, enough already. All of you, stop being asinine!!


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Survey Says…







I have good news and bad news. I’ll just go ahead and deliver it all together. I don’t know how to start a poll. :blush:


There are so many ways that can be considered good news and good news!