Airline News: Pace


Does anybody know why Pace flies at least 3 or 4 times a week between MBS (Saginaw, MI) and LBX (Lake Jackson, TX)?



Could have something to do with the Dow Chemical Plant there in Brazoria. When I was flight training we were going over LBX and there was an Airbus that was lifting off out of there and my instructor said its based there with Dow, but I haven’t seen it in or out of there on the boards lately.


Exactly. That’s one of the Dow Shuttles. They also fly a Beech 1900 between LBX - BTR (that one is blocked on FA-the plane is owned by DOW).

They used to use an Airbus 310 when I worked there, but I think they’ve been using a 737-200 lately.


Is this the same Hooters Air Pace, or another Pace altogether?



This is the same Pace that operated Hooters Air.

They have had a significant life as a charter airline both before and after the Hooters experiment.