airline name is wrong, how can we change it?


this airline is not called " hungary" … real ailine name is “HAWKAIR” it is flying all over b.c in canada and it is based in CYXT… would there be any way to change the name to reflect the good one?



Is HA the IATA or ICAO code for HAWKAIR?
I see BH as the IATA code for Hawkair of Canada, and HKI as the ICAO code for Wachovia Flight Operations d/b/a Hawkaire.


Isn’t HA the country code for Hungary?

I surmise that the way the ‘owner/operator’ look-up works is that if a plane is not identified by 3-letter Airline/Flight, look-up then goes to a Country code, and then searches within the country registration lists.

That explains the ‘HA’, ‘TN’, and ‘LN’ errors.

Does Hawkair have a 3-letter airline code that ought to be used instead of ‘HA’?


Hawkaire’s ICAO = HKI 8)


Just to sidetrack the thread a little bit…

It looks like the Air Transport International flights are not showing the appropriate airline code. They appear to display as TN (which comes up as unknown operator) instead of the proper ATN flight prefix.



Yes I’ve already mentioned this in another thread. Took me ages to figure out what “TN” was when I saw it. Clearly it hasn’t been addressed yet as it was well over a week ago when I reported it. :confused: