Airline Liveries on GA aircraft


I know many flight schools abroad are used for flight training by major airlines and mark their single engine aircraft as such. BA PA-28s I’ve seen LH Bonanza’s. Post those here but I’m interested in the different liveries that have made it to private GA aircraft. Probably pilots or employees of those airlines who applied the c/s to their own aircraft.

As an ex TWA’er and one who thinks the final TW scheme was the crem de la crem of airline paint jobs… this more regional take on the classic scheme is just awesome. It looks just as good on an RV as it did on a 757!
There’s also the UA stealth colors on this RV-10 (the play on the ETOPS emblem which reads Treetops is the icing on the cake here!)


I need to find the slide I have of a Cessna 150 that was painted in the Aloha Airlines color scheme of the 1980s. Looked really good.


Yeah? The one with the magenta background and flowrers? I bet it did look nice!

I remember seeing (not sure if it was in photo or if it came through the airport) a C185 in the basic USAir scheme of the 90s. I guess tecnically it was in the Express colors because the aircraft was white and it had the red and blue stripe but not logos or titles. Wasn’t the neatest scheme other than it was interesting to see it in those c/s.

I’d love to see the HA (edited “I mean” AQ) 150 if you can find it!


I actually need to correct my original posting. It was the color scheme of the 70’s, not the 80’s. This is the one I’m talking about:


Thats the one I had in mind…I forgot about the one in between that and the most recent.


I have the feeling the slides is in storage. I use to collect slides and have a couple of thousands of them. Two or three of the carrousels are in my home but you know how it goes - the one you want isn’t the easiest one to get!