Airline Could Pull Ads from ABC


Airline Could Pull Ads from ABC

American Airlines is prepared to pull its advertising from ABC in order to protest its portrayal in the network’s recently aired movie The Path to 9/11, according to a source. The carrier also said it is considering legal action against the network.

American officials declined comment on the possible withdrawal of ads, and ABC representatives could not immediately be reached for comment on any facet of the situation.


Just important to note, this has nothing to do with the Clinton administration’s objections to the film. From the article:

The film in both its first and second parts appears to suggest that chief hijacker Mohammed Atta was flagged as a security risk at Boston’s Logan Airport by American Airlines personnel. According to the 9/11 Commission Report, that incident occurred earlier that morning, in Maine, and the airline was U.S. Airways.


Except that both complaints are about the misrepresentation of historical fact.


It’s more likely it was Logan airport not AA.

I came across this, you may find it interesting

in May of 2001, four months before our nation was changed forever, Kerry received a letter from Brian Sullivan, who had recently retired as a special agent with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), where he spent over 10 years as a risk-management specialist charged with the security of air traffic control facilities throughout New England.

Sullivans letter told Kerry that, based on numerous government reports, Logan Airport was especially vulnerable to terrorist infiltration. His letter held these prophetic words:

"With the concept of jihad, do you think it would be difficult for a determined terrorist to get on a plane and destroy himself and all other passengers? Think what the result would be of a coordinated attack that took down several domestic flights on the same day. With our current screening, this is more than possible. It is almost likely.

A few weeks later, Bogdan Dzakovic former FAA chief of the national airport-security covert Red Team (which conducted special ops in aviation-security matters) was asked to hand-deliver a videotape to Jamie Wise, a staff person in Kerrys office. He told Wise that the film depicted the ease with which undercover operatives had successfully broken through Logans security shields with potentially deadly weapons. Not once but 10 times!

I received no feedback," Dzakovic said.

Shortly after, FAA special agent Steve Elson a member of the Red Team, ex-Navy SEAL and the creative force behind the video that revealed Logans vulnerability prevailed upon Mr. Wise to pass the video along to Kerry.

Wise told him, in essence: Sorry, no access to Kerry because youre not a constituent!

Undaunted, Elson tried to reach Kerrys legislative director, Gregg Rothschild again to no avail.


Came across it or pulled it out of your a**?


Full story can be found HERE.


Gee, it’s on the internet, I guess it must all be true!


I didn’t pull it out of mine, however you are one JHEM!

Never mind you can find the article here

or here, a letter to the 9/11 commission

I guess someone woke up on the wrong side of the jihad!


Why thank you, I’ll give your opinion all the consideration it deserves.

Ever stop to ask yourself why three apparently high-powered actors like Brian Sullivan, Bogdan Dzakovic and Steve Elson, with all of their years of experience and contacts throughout the FAA specifically and the US government in general, found themselves thwarted by the simple fact that they couldn’t communicate with John Kerry?

They couldn’t find anyone else in the entire bureaucracy to drop a dime to? What, they only had one copy of the videotape? Did they contact the FBI? The CIA? The Girl Scouts? ANYONE?

“Can’t get through to Kerry guys, guess we should just give up.”





So JHEM, I guess your idea of a Senator is that you don’t listen to the people in your district even when it comes to minor things like national security and airline security. I guess you also are not interested in serving the public, then again with Kerry’s attitude, I’ve always wondered if he really gave a rip about the average person.

Maybe I simply ask more from the people we elect then you do.


Kerry is a semi-decorative moron who needs to grow a few more legs so he won’t run out of feet to stick in his mouth every time he opens it. He’s no brighter than Shrub and a lot less personable.

Now, that said and the matter of Kerry out of the way, I’ll return to asking WHY the gentlemen quoted as acting in such an heroic manner to warn all and sundry about the impending attack on the US failed to find some other means of disseminating their message?

You’re too wrapped up in ensuring that Kerry is somehow cast as the Anti-Christ in this tale to question the underlying process. Who gives a RA about Kerry, why weren’t these gentlemen more effective in warning someone in authority about what they supposedly knew?

You have no basis for making such an assumption, apparently the way you form all of your opinions.


Senator John Kerry…more positions that Paris Hilton…


Kerry may have ignored these letters, but he’s hardly the only one to blame for 9/11 (and I’m far from being a Kerry supporter).

Hindsight is 20/20. Just about everybody involved in the FBI, the CIA, the Defense Department, Congress, and the State Department “could have” paid more attention to the many memos that were given to them at some point in time. Rehashing these accusations simply starts the “I said-you said” political pissing match that already stymies progress in Washington, and it does NOTHING to improve future security.

How many notes of every sort did Kerry (and Bush, et al.) receive on just about every conceivable way to attack our country? Most of these turn out to be just ideas on paper. I’d like to see the actual number of briefings and warnings that government officials received in the two years or so prior to 9/11. I’m not defending our elected buffoons, I mean, officials; but I’m sure these notes weren’t the only two sitting on Kerry’s desk when they were submitted. Like most of the fodder in our mailboxes, the vast majority of his office mail is probably worthless scrap at the end of the day. Pulling these out as if he had ample time to ponder on just these few notes with nothing else to worry about is a pretty naive or misleading accusation.


THANK YOU! Somebody gets it.


Well-said, planeaholic! I agree 100% with EVERYTHING you stated.


JHEM, I wrote to Senator Norm Coleman regarding what I saw was a security breech at an airport and he replied personally to me within three hours plus he took action.

Some Senators actually react and some simply don’t care.

As for the thought of using an airplane as a weapon. I remember back in 1998 there was a report in drudge mentioning that airplanes may be used as weapons. I’m just wondering why little was done back then and why enough still isn’t being done today.

Yes, you can point fingers at many people… especially the FBI


You’re lucky. I live in California. Unless the subject is some feel-good, political correct bullpuckey, neither Feinstein or Boxer will do anything.


Pre or post 9/11?


The attacks of 9/11 were a direct result of the ongoing lack of cooperation among our national security assets plus the never ending internecine warfare between the FBI and the CIA over who is and was responsible for threats within the US from foreign agents.