Airline blankets and pillows


Hey guys I work in terminal 2 @ LAX and I really would like to know what really happends to those blankets and pillows after the flight arrives. I want to know of these because my dad had the idea if this articles are some how dispose after only been use once. He would be able to take this blankets and pillows to the less fortunate families in nothern mexico where people need all the help they can get during winter.


They are laundered.


I think some of the pillow covers are disposable.


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Might want to take a look at that pillow or blanket before you use it. I would bet that changing them every flight rarely happens, maybe every day, if even. I worked at a place that only changed them when they looked dirty. I never use the pillows.


AA has officially removed them from its domestic flights, although a few can still be found occasionally, especially blankets. When this happened a few months ago, a flight attendant told me I could take one of the pillows home with me.

This was supposed to be a cost-cutting measure, as was not carrying magazines and newspapers (other than their company mag). The positive side is that more room is left in the overhead bins for bags.


Interestingly, a Cleveland news station had an investigative report this past week on “Germ Tubes of the Sky.” They took a bunch of swabs from various seatbacks, lav handles, tray tables, and so on to see which airlines (as if one a/c sample is a solid indicator of an entire airline’s sanitary habits) are the dirtiest. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch it the day they announced the results. I’ll hit the website later, when I’m not headed out the door to drink beer with the guys. :wink:


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I am a flight attendant and we give all used pillows and blankets to ground crew so that they can get laundered.


After every flight…? At the end of the day…? At the end of the month…?


When I worked with jetBlue we’d replace them every night. They were sent out to get laundered so we just stuck the dirty ones in a bag.


Like cfijames said, we just put all used pillows and blankets in a bag and then give it to ground crew at the end of the day…


Wow … At my airline, the pillows and blankets would stay on board until they developed a heavy funk and then they were removed and replaced. Finally, my airline got smart and removed them all together. It was very common knowledge among flight crews to never EVER touch the pillows or blankets. Even the ground crews would use rubber gloves when they folded blankets and tossed them up into the overheads.

First class pillows and blankets were always laundered and sealed in plastic for each flight though.

With the crazy crap that goes on in the cabins of airliners, I would never touch anything unless absolutely necessary, especially in seat back pockets and lavatories.

I could tell you some stories that would just curl your toenails … but I’ll refrain. :unamused: