Airline average arrival time (on-time stats) now available!

FlightAware is proud to announce that airline flight tracking pages will now include an average arrival & departure time based on the last week of that flight’s history.

Although you can read the Activity Log on any flight tracking page to see all the previous flights, FlightAware now calculates the average times so that users can quickly set their expectations for when a flight will arrive and depart.

For example, if you’re booked a particular flight from Newark to Albany that is scheduled to depart at 8pm and arrive at 8:54pm and you check FlightAware before your trip, you may see that the average arrival time is closer to 10pm than 9pm. This is extremely valuable information to pass on to friends, family, or business associates. You can also share the FlightAware link for live flight tracking. Example: … /KEWR/KALB

Many services offer an on-time percentage for airline flights. However, this is based on months-old data from the Department of Transportation and only reflects if the flight arrived within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time. Not only is the data old, but it doesn’t distinguish between a 20 minute delay and a 2 hour delay. FlightAware provides data based on the last week and considers the duration of any delay.

FlightAware is proud to be the first web site or data service to offer this data to the public. Please spread the word & enjoy.