"Airfare Secrets"


I was checking out the newest additions on http://www.airliners.net when I came across a link to some guy’s secret-revealing book about airline travel. Here it is:


Personally, I was a little thrown off by the “I Was Fired By The Airlines. This Guide Is My Revenge!” at the top of the page, and even more so by the “Critical Update”… But I’ll let you decide for yourself !



That’s the same type of crap that has been going around since Fred was dating Wilma. It’s alway “I was fired by the (pick one or more: airlines, brokerage, railroad, health care provider, grocery store, cat house) and this is my revenge!”


With computerized yield management, there are no tricks, unless you’re flexible about what days, connections, or airports you’re willing to use.

Most of the loopholes have been closed except for multi-part itineraries (for example booking (HSV-CLT-HSV and CLT-BWI-CLT on two separate itineraries instead of HSV-CLT-BWI-CLT-HSV on a single one, and many online travel agents will automatically try to build these types of connections for you and see if they’re cheaper)


Trust me , no one can make a guide to yield management. It looks like he is exaggerating this stuff, and making a big deal about nothing. :unamused: :unamused:


:laughing: :laughing:


Image of Fred walking with a club in one hand, and dragging Wilma by the hair with the other hand…

I looked for it, but couldn’t find it.