Aircraft spotter shares log from 50 years ago today . . .


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In 1957 I was working for Maritime Central Airways (MCA) at London Airport
Northside. MCA started as a small regional carrier in the early forties but
grew substantially with the Arctic DEW Line construction. As that worked
decreased they looked for new areas to deploy their DC-4s. Thus a
Transatlantic operation, mostly passenger charters that included British
emigrants to Canada and Hungarian refugees from Vienna. An interesting cargo
operation was the carriage of Rhesus monkeys for the development of the Salk
Polio vaccine. BOAC carried them to LAP in Avro Yorks and we took them on to
YUL and YYZ in CF-MCD, the pure freighter.

I worked two trips in Oct and Nov '57 as an “animal attendant”; exciting
trips for an eighteen year old. I was supposed to return on commercial after
3/4 days but ended up staying 10 days and returning on CF-MCD, see … t&limit=10

The list below is what I made (which was virtually everything I saw except
L-1049s of TCA, Canadairs of TCA and the RCAF, BOAC Stratocruisers, DC-7Cs,
Air France L-1049s and KLM Dc-7Cs which I had seen previously at LAP).


London Airport 13-Oct

N7321C L-1649A 1024 TWA

Keflavik 13-Oct

G-APHW DH.114 Heron 2 14118 on delivery - to be XB-ZIP
TF-ROK Ercoupe 478

Gander 14-Oct

55891 Sikorsky HO4S-3 55-891 254 / 50 AS Sq - RCN
RCN 302 TBM-3 Avenger RCN
RCN 305 TBM-3 Avenger RCN
RCN 383 TBM-3 Avenger RCN
RCN 385 TBM-3 Avenger (Bu.85506) RCN
RCN 386 TBM-3 Avenger (Bu.53818) RCN
RCN 387 TBM-3 Avenger RCN

Dorval 14-Oct

17510 Canadair C-4M1 117 RCAF
CF-HVV PBY-5A Canso 34039 Timmins Avn.
CF-IHX C-46A Commando 441 Dorval Air Transport
CF-JCV PBY-5A Canso CV-357
CF-KAO Norseman VI 636
CF-MCE Beech C-45F 6659 Nordair, see … t&limit=10
CF-PNT G-44 Widgeon 1334
CF-TFE Canadair C-4M1 129 TCA
CF-TFG Canadair C-4M1 131 TCA
CF-THA Viscount V.757 218 TCA
N101A L-749 Constellation 2518 Eastern Airlines

Malton 14-Oct

51-2059 B-47E 450112 X-059 - RCAF
5214 TB-25J Mitchell 108-33756 JF-214 - RCAF
CF-CAR Douglas DC-3 9452 South Provincial, see … t&limit=10
CF-DJT Douglas DC-3 19039
CF-DPY Fleet 80 Canuck 51
CF-FBS Douglas DC-3 6070
CF-HCK Voyager 108 incorrect reg
CF-HGC Cessna 180 30313
CF-IEN Cessna 180 31624
CF-IHC PBY-5A Canso CV-520
CF-IOK Convair 240 126 Imperial Oil
CF-SHL Cessna 310 35324 Shell Oil Co
CF-TCV Lockheed 18-10 2061 see … t&limit=10
CF-TDX Douglas DC-3 12141 TCA
CF-TGM Viscount V.724 50 TCA
CF-TGN Viscount V.724 51 TCA
CF-TGS Viscount V.724 56 TCA
CF-TGW Viscount V.724 60 TCA
CF-THD Viscount V.757 221 TCA
CF-THG Viscount V.757 224 TCA
N5390N PV-1 Ventura 5495
N630G Commander 520 63
N91827 DH.104 Dove 04015

Dorval 15-Oct

1386 Beech C-45F 6403 RCAF
1519 Beech 3TM CA-119 RCAF
1530 Beech 3TM CA-130 RCAF
53420 TBM-3 Avenger 3482 30C - RCN
KJ827 C-47 Dakota 14166/25611 RCAF
CF-DXO Douglas DC-3 12437
CF-DXU Douglas DC-3 12930 Canadair Ltd.
CF-EKA Beech D17S 4813
CF-EYL DH.104 Dove 4387
CF-FGY GC-1B Swift 1182
CF-FQW Ryan Navion NAV-4-329
CF-FRF Beech D18 A-245
CF-FZK Beech C18S 5784
CF-GBW DH.104 Dove 4385
CF-GEE Beech C18S 5978
CF-GLQ Cruisair 14-19 2008
CF-GXJ Beech D18 1586 DoT
CF-GXM Beech D18S CA-187
CF-HGD Douglas DC-3 13041
CF-HPM Douglas DC-3 4989
CF-HVD Cessna 180 31583
CF-HVH Douglas DC-3 43074
CF-HVL Ercoupe 415-C 992
CF-IHI G-44 Widgeon 1315
CF-IHV C-46F Commando 22551 Dorval Air Transport
CF-IJC G-44A Widgeon 1447
CF-ILW Douglas DC-3 4352
CF-IYS Lodestar (C-60) 2345
CF-IZB Piaggio P.136-L 201
CF-IZN Lodestar (C-60) 2277
CF-IZT Colonial C-1 6
CF-JKA Cessna 172 29336
CF-KAD Westland WS-55 WA/192 Wheeler Northland. see
CF-KAE Westland WS-55 WA/193 Wheeler Northland
CF-MIR PBY-5A Canso (Bu.46633)
CF-PMQ DHC-3 Otter 197
CF-TAA Bonanza H35 D-5251
CF-TDO Douglas DC-3 12026 TCA
CF-TDW Douglas DC-3 12139 WFU ex TCA
CF-TDY Douglas DC-3 12191 TCA
CF-TEC Douglas DC-3 12597 WFU ex TCA
CF-TEF Douglas DC-3 13560 WFU ex TCA
CF-TER Douglas DC-3 12253 WFU ex TCA
CF-TFA Canadair C-4M1 125 TCA
CF-TFC Canadair C-4M1 127 TCA
CF-TFR Canadair C-4M1 142 TCA
CF-TFV Canadair C-4M1 149 TCA
CF-THE Viscount V.757 222 TCA
N104J Beech D18S A-545
N44651 Beech D18S A-58
N63506 Cessna T-50

Dorval 16-Oct

17515 Canadair C-4M1 122 RCAF
CF-GXP PA-23-150 Apache 23-447 DoT
CF-HFR Ryan PT-22 1556
CF-HLI DH.114 Heron 2 14053
CF-HPI M-62 Cornell 2 FC-702
CF-IHH Douglas DC-3 14613/26058 Nordair
CF-IZQ Beech D18S A-3
CF-JEA Douglas DC-4 7481 TransAir
CF-JNQ Beech D18S A-584
CF-THB Viscount V.757 219 TCA

Dorval 17-Oct

1404 Beech 3T 6152 404 - RCAF
1525 Beech 3TM CA-125 RCAF
20291 CCF Harvard Mk.II CCF4-82 RU-291 - RCAF
22101 C-119F Packet 10676 RCAF
22102 C-119F Packet 10677 RCAF
2343 Beech D18 (C-45) SP-343 / 404Sq - RCAF
51-0070 SA-16 Albatross G149 MATS / USAF
CF-CZF Douglas DC-6B 44892 CPAL
CF-HVK M.65 Gemini 1A 6456
CF-IHJ PBY-5A Canso (Bu.48281) Dorval Air Transport
CF-JBA Cessna 172 28776
CF-TEA Douglas DC-3 12502 TCA
CF-TEH Douglas DC-3 12440 TCA
CF-TES Douglas DC-3 11906 TCA
CF-TFH Canadair C-4M1 132 TCA
CF-TFI Canadair C-4M1 133 TCA
N107A L-749 Constellation 2524 Eastern Airlines
N118A L-749 Constellation 2615 Eastern Airlines
N462A Martin 4-0-4 14153 Eastern Airlines
N4120B Commander 520 99
N91240 Convair 240 160 Northeast Airlines
PH-DSH Douglas DC-7c 45187 KLM

Dorval 18-Oct

17506 Canadair C-4M1 113 RCAF
5204 TB-25J Mitchell 108-47574 204 - RCAF
CF-TGJ Viscount V.724 41 TCA
N108A L-749 Constellation 2529 Eastern Airlines
N475A Martin 4-0-4 14223 Eastern Airlines
N30087 Douglas DC-3 4861 Northeast Airlines
N91237 Convair 240 140 Northeast Airlines

Dorval 21-Oct

CF-GEV G-73 Mallard J-34
N90659 Convair 240 34 Northeast Airlines

Dorval 22-Oct

CF-ESO Douglas DC-3 12369 Imperial Oil

Dorval 23-Oct

22108 C-119F Packet 10773 RCAF
3316 Beech 3NM CA-189 PX-316 / CARDE - RCAF
CF-FST Douglas DC-3 9041
CF-ILU Piaggio P.136-L 199 see … t&limit=10
CF-JAZ Cessna 180 32514
CF-KAR Cessna 172 36263
CF-ORD Douglas DC-3 6319 Ford Motor Co.
CF-TDU Douglas DC-3 12106 TCA
CF-TFU Canadair C-4M1 147 TCA
CF-TGZ Viscount V.757 144 TCA
N90670 Convair 240 90 Northeast Airlines

Moncton 23-Oct

48-0346 C-119B Packet 10328 USAF
49-0113 C-119B Packet 10350 USAF
CF-GOC Douglas DC-3 7362 Maritime Central
CF-HGL Douglas DC-3 12712 Maritime Central
CF-HTL C-46F Commando 22535 Maritime Central
CF-MCC Douglas DC-3 13399 Maritime Central
CF-MCH Beech C-45F 6830 Maritime Central
CF-THJ Viscount V.757 301 TCA
CF-THK Viscount V.757 271 TCA

Gander 23-Oct

CF-BXE L-10A Electra 1076
CF-EYX DH.114 Heron 1B 14009 DoT
CF-JAM J-3C-65 Cub 19963

London Airport 24-Oct

I-LADY Douglas DC-6 43216 LAI
PH-DAA Douglas DC-3 11855 KLM
VT-DIG Viscount V.768 194 Indian A/L
YU-ADH VEB-Ilyushin IL-14P 147001341 JAT


Nothing but props. Oh yeah!

The mind boggles in an attempt to answer the question, how did that Ercoupe get to Keflavik? :wink:

And all those Connies!!!


Back in them olden days, it was quite common for smaller aircraft such as the Ercoupe to be taken apart, shipped across the ocean in a ship, and reassembled once at its destination.



Not like I didn’t carry THOUSANDS of aircraft as cargo during my years in the Merchant Marine.

That was a rhetorical question Marvin, just to give an avenue for conjecture as to whether or not it flew there, as unlikely as that may appear. Note the wink at the end of the question in my original post that you somehow failed to quote.


Not knowing your past, how was I to know you were a merchant marine?

Unlike many, I try to limit my quotes to the portion I’m replying to. I try not to quote emoticons or images unless absolutely necessary. The winking emoticon doesn’t necessarily mean a rhetorical question. It could also mean “I know something you don’t know.”

For the many who might not be as smart as you, I told them how the aircraft were shipped across the pond.

By the way, I’ve decided that know that I have changed my avatar to the Pan Am logo, I want to be called Juan Trippe.


Wow, “real world experiences”… :wink:


Your wish is my command Sr. Juan! Did you know that Major Henry H. “Hap” Arnold, later to be renowned as General oif the Air Force and the father of SAC, was one of the original founders of PanAm in 1927? Or that he was taught to fly by the Wright brothers? As was one of my original flight instructors! How’s that for six degrees of separation? :laughing:

We had the rehearsal dinner for my younger daughter’s December of 2005 wedding in Key West at Kelly’s Bar & Restaurant in the building that was the original home to Pan Am airlines.

They had some interesting memorabilia on the walls and a wing shaped bar.


Ironic as well. Get shot down in RVN, recuperate in EU, go back to sea after I get out of the Army and one of the first berths I’m offered is as First Mate on a voyage to RVN! :open_mouth:


I didn’t know that about Arnold. Thanks for the information.

That is interesting about your flight instructors. Reminds me of one of my professors in college. She was one of the people who worked on the original Navy computer project. A wealth of information in that woman! (I took these courses so long ago that we actually used punch cards for program and data entry!)


Are you referring to some colleague of “Amazing Grace”? Adm. Hopper lectured at Stevens when I was an undergrad, and she worked closely with my wife’s uncle at Univac decades before we met. Another eerie instance of the six degrees theory.

We had an IBM 360/30 at Stevens that was only accessible to undergrads at night. During the day they leased all its capacity out to local banks. The punchcard machines were regularly farmed for punches to use as confetti


Am not sure if she went as far back as Admiral Grace.

I couldn’t remember the name of my instructor but after an Internet search, I found her name in a document named “Application for Accreditation, Leeward Community College, Pearl City, Hawaii”

Mary D Naughton, BS and MS in Computer Science
Instructor at Villa Angela Academy 1959-62, instructor at NAVCOSSACT 1962-62, and Leeward Community College 1969- present (i.e. 1971, the date of the application). Outside education included Naval Officer 1962-1969.

Looks like that she worked on the UNIVAC but not at the very beginning (UNIVAC started in the mid 1940’s) as I had always thought.


'57? My dad wasn’t born yet :smiley: (Not to make any of ya feel old… lol)


It doesn’t make us feel old, but it does make you look really young! :wink:


He was born in '58… if he had me at 18+, I could be up to 32 years old :stuck_out_tongue:


Like I wasy sayin’…


As young as that!?!? :stuck_out_tongue: