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hello all,

I am planning to build a flight simulator set up at my home, so I’m looking for input on where to locate an inexpensive aircraft seat. Maybe such a thing doesn’t exist, but any help is appreciated. FYI I already know most boneyards get around $300 for a basic seat. I don’t want to spend that so any input is appreciated. If it ain’t gonna happen, I’ll accept that.


In my experience, the words “inexpensive” and “aircraft” are rarely found in nature.

Check with an aircraft salvage yard. They may have seats that are not airworthy, but serviceable for your purpose.

While I don’t see where you are located in your profile, if you are near KGWO (Greenwood MS), you may want to give them a call. They have an operation that disassembles various jetliners from a 727 to an L1011. Airport I am sure can give you a direct number to the business.

Hope this helps.


Check around your local FBO or repair shop. Also, places that do aircraft interior work might have something laying around for less than $300. Most of the above mentioned businesses have a board where you can post your request too. Check out youtube, I’ve see where people make very complex flight simulators.

Hopefully you’re not a member of Al Qaeda.

Thanks for the input, I’ll call around to some interior guys. And just for the record, I like to actually land aircraft…

Try these folks: Aircraft Spruce. They have a lot of stuff for homebuilt aircraft.

When a plane crashes, the insurance company sells it to a salvage company, who removes any salvageable parts for sale. I don’t know one near you, but try a google search and you will find several. Seats are a common part in stock. You may be able to find an old military jet seat.

In my experience, the words “inexpensive” and “aircraft” are rarely found in nature.

No kidding, I know companies that will sell “airplane floor mats” for 100 dollars.

I would look will companies that make airplane seats. They will be able to sell you something.

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