aircraft mount for gopro


anyone have any idea on what type of mount to use for a gopro hero2 for the airframe of the aircraft?


I use the go pro hero 2 with the suction cup mount. It works great for my cub. if you look at the photos for N321WB you can see where one was taken from a video of it mounted on the metal strip near the wing. I still tethered it with a rope just in case but had no issues with it wanting to move or come unstuck.




better talk to the FAA on this one
its considered a major modification because it affects airflow/performance in their eyes
rules are rules ya know…


The Great Lakes region issued a memorandum last year in response to questions about the GoPro mounts. Essentially they side stepped the issue regarding whether the mounts were major or minor leaving the determination up to the installer. In regards to temporary mounts such as suction cups they are not considered to be a modification under part 43 however if the mount or camera detaches the operator may still be liable under the ever present “Careless operations”, part 91.13 and 91.15.


Personally, I wouldn’t trust a suction cup on the outside of the plane…but that’s probably because I once had an unfortunate incident where a camera detached from the exterior of my car. Here are a few mounts I have on hand: … B00B5A33YO
Works great for clamping on relatively thin, flat surfaces. I’ve used this on the tail tiedown of an Arrow to get some pretty cool footage. … ge_o07_s00
Great for clamping onto tubing. I haven’t used this one outside, but I did use it inside a Citabria once. … ge_o06_s00
I have yet to successfully use this thing. I bought it with the intent of doing a strut mount on a C172, but the big hose clamps I bought were still too small to go around the strut. I’ll probably give it a try on one of the secondary struts next time I fly the Citbria.

I also strongly suggest using some kind of lanyard as a backup for any camera outside the plane. Legal issues aside, I don’t want to be responsible for any stuff falling off my aircraft. I have some lanyards I made from 50-pound-test fishing line that I use for exterior mounts.