Aircraft Information on Crowded Display


I know displaying all the aircraft information on a crowded display is not feasible (thus your clearing) but how about also generating an image map so that when someone scrolls over an aircarft you could pop-up the aircraft information? This way, you wouldn’t need a completely dynamic display, but could still provide information for all the aircraft on the screen. Or an alternative idea would be to show a reference number next to each plane (1…N) and show the list of aircarft with their respective numbers/information on a side bar. And yet another idea would be to incorporate all of these and when a sidebar information is moused over a layer pops over the image where the particular aircraft is located.


A few of us here have talked about this. You’re not the first one. FA is working on it. Hang tight. I’m looking forward to it too! :smiley:


Since you’re a relative “newbie,” we’ll let you slide on this one. This is probably the #1 request from FA users, just going off the top of my head, that we’ve seen. I’ve requested something similar, as have others, especially those (like me) who live beneath busy skies.The staff here listens well, and I’m sure this feature (in some form) will become available as soon as it becomes available in a reliable fashion.