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I searched and could not find the answer so please help a new FlightAware user.
When you check airport activity not all aircraft give information. Is there a way in FlightAware to show info on specific aircraft?
I just found the plane spotter tool on another website, does FlightAware do this at all?

Welcome. If I understand your question…the radar page shows more aircraft than identifiers (probably due to their proximity to each other and the ID won’t fit). Just diminish the radar page and a list of aircraft in the area both arrivals and departures underlies the radar screen. If you can see the ID (SWA 2808) on the radar page, look for it on the list in the Ident column, click on it and you will isolate that flight alone with it’s ident visible for the entirety of the flight. If you see the plane w/o the ident on the radar screen, it just takes a bit of “elimination” by eliminating the flights you can see and locating the ones from the list that you find no screen ident for. (clear as mud?) Click on the listed flights until you find the one appears to be the vector you’re seeing without its ident on the radar screen.

What site are you referring to in your original post?
Hope this helps.
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Thanks for your detailed reply and you are almost right on with my question but…
Most of the planes that don’t have ID’s are not arriving or departing the airport that I put in. Is there a way to list all the flights that you see on the radar page regardless of where they are departing or arriving?

The other website tool I mentioned is at

It doesn’t matter whether the flt is to/from the searched airport code. The reason the ID doesn’t show when the vector line does, is usually due to the fact that too many flts are in the same proximity and the ID’s would overlap…so none show until there is sufficient separation to allow for the presentation of the ID on the screen. Fortunately, the ATC towers have larger screens and all flts are shown (I think?!!).

The way to see all the flights in a given circle around the airport code is to scroll down to see the text list and click “more” on the various arrival/departure lists. That will list all the flts to/from the airport code you select. The actual black/green vector screen will list all the flts that have filed a flight plan. Ultra-lights, helo etc or privates that are out practicing around the local airports don’t usually show…in my experience. I wish it would as well.

Hope this helps.

I’ll check out the link…Thanks!

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I fixed the link.

Click the small radar window to expand it thus including more info. You can also enter nearby airports a few miles away to get another view of the area which might include other airborne IFR aircraft.


Not to take anything away from FlightAware, the Helloflight site is interesting to play with. It seems to have the map zoom/pan interface working, which FlightAware hasn’t rolled out despite more than a couple of years of working on it. Helloflight’s accuracy and timeliness have yet to be verified. Also, it bugs me a bit to see the time zones inconsistently referred to as EDT and CST.

A little competition is a good thing. Perhaps it is the spark to ignite FlightAware’s zoomable maps :smiling_imp:

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