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Aircraft ID Glitch: PP-VTR / TF-ISR

I was doing an audit of flight data, and saw that I was seeing flights from an unknown-to-my-system PP-VTR; not sure where in the chain of data the error is coming from, but, it looks like PP-VTR became TF-ISR (an Icelandair B752) in 2016; it looks like it was correctly ID’d in your system until fairly recently, when it started showing up at PP-VTR.

In summary: PP-VTR doesn’t exist; should be showing as TF-ISR.

It’s possible that there is a confusion about the identity of that aircraft’s Mode S code (4CC27C), which still seemed to be reported by IRCA (Intl Register of Cvil Aircraft) to be PP-VTR as recently as a few weeks ago. I’ve opened an internal ticket to investigate further.

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