Aircraft Coming Or Going?

Hi! I am a newbie to ADS-B tracking. When I look at my stats page, I’m not able to find out whether the aircraft I’m tracking is going away or coming closer. Is there a way to find out? Could we have an indicator on the stats page (doppler radar simulation?), just like we have the ascending / descending indicator in the tracklog?

If by ‘stats page’ you are referring to the table under “Recent flights with positions from this feeder on
the FLIGHT and TAIL NUMBER column entries are links to the flight. You can click on it and see the location of the flight (delayed 5 minutes I believe).
Does this help?

Thanks but I’m looking for an indicator for each flight I’m tracking, in the subject table.

The question doesn’t make a lot of sense. In the interest of fuel economy and passenger comfort, airliners try to fly essentially in a straight line except as necessary to get into or out of the vicinity of the airport. So, when you look at airliners at cruising altitude, almost every one received would have the same “coming, then going” profile. It came toward you until close enough for you to get the signal, then it flew past a closest point (possibly, but not likely, directly overhead). After that it moves away from you until it is out of radio range.

Flightaware gets your data uploaded in a block every 5 minutes. So even the most recent data you can see on the website may be several minutes old before they even got it, then several unintentional and intentional delays occur before presenting it to a website user. Because of that, In order to know where the aircraft is in real time you must look at your local data.

Well, every 30 seconds or so. But looking at your local data directly is indeed the right thing to do here.