aircraft appraisal question


My employer is negotiating the purchase of a twin commaner. We had the airplane appraised by an NAAA appraiser. The appraised value showed to be over 100K less than the original asking price. The owner of the plane, a self-proclaimed “old hat” at buying and selling aircraft, stated that NAAA appraisers are known for low-balling appraisals. This makes no sense to me. Any truth to this statement?

Wouldn’t the appraisel reflect not just material worth but present market conditions?

I think we could all concur that we are in a buyer’s market?


Trade A Planes website has a very good Self Appraisal tool .You might try that to get a second opinion.


It’s value is WTMWB Whatever The Market Will Bare.


original asking price 355K

NAAA appraisal 215K

trade-a-plane tool 255k

negotiated price 4pm today : 255k

thanks guys


What model Commander?


Good job!





You gonna’ take over for Bob Hoover now that the Shrike is retired? :laughing:


I do appraisals on occasion for customers, and I do them constantly for myself as I buy business aircraft for a living. Sounds like your appraisal was close. The market has seen a 10% decline (at least) in the past 60 days, on top of another 10% across the board. It is a buyers market. You wouldn’t believe what I am able to buy some of these things for.