Airbus vs. Boeing

Why does Airbus need so many wing flap fairings? If you look Boeing 737/757/767/777, there are 3 (I think). If you look at an A320/330/340, there about 5. (A340 wing link-



Different wing design philosophy

No, no, no. The answer is very simple.

One, it is French…enough said.

Two, because they can.

I am so smart!

I thought it was so when the Airbus started to shed parts it was cheaper to fix.

Just more drag on the wing.

Its for the flotation when they land in the ocean, duh.

You mean lift.

No, I mean drag… I would think they would cause more drag, you’re the expert?

Go drive a Falcon and see if you still complain about French aircraft design. If you want screwy aircraft, look at the Brits. Sure, they work, but man are they interesting! There are that many a fairings because that’s how many flap tracks there are. It’s just the way they chose to design

HAHAHA! :laughing: