Airbus #2 Engine Replacement at IAH

I noticed this Airbus sitting on the tarmac behind the Continental Cargo facility yesterday. It’s an Airbus 330. (Air France, F-GZCB) Today they are replacing the #2 engine. It’s 1721 Central time an they are just mounting the new engine. Wish I had a camera.

Also I noticed at DWH a few weeks back that they have about 24 Jet engines stored behind a hangar. Is that a common storage place?

Do you mean is it common to store jet engines behind a hangar or at DWH (David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport in Houston)? In other words, are you asking if it’s common to store the engines outside?

If I remember correctly, isn’t DWH quite a distance from IAH (i.e. about 30-40 miles)?

No. DWH is 12NM NW of IAH direct!

Aren’t most jet engines left outside anyway?

Yeah, I leave mine out in the back yard all the time.

I think Souredgrapes’ question must have been asked in the context of security. Suppose you had 24 jet engines just sitting outside a hangar one night. What if the next morning none were there? Is that because the engines were carelessly left in an unsecured location? Doesn’t just leaving them out beside a hangar encourage theft?

Maybe a homeless guy in Houston is going down the road with a jet engine in his shopping cart en route to the local neighborhood pawn shop. :laughing:

“you could win a brand new Continental or Lycoming engine for your airplane.”

Kinda like when the localizer was stolen from Mumbai Airport in India?

Thanks to Google’s new archived news search: :slight_smile:

Holy crap man, my pop-up blocker musta clicked 8 times on that website!

Sorry about that, my computer’s all locked down with Firefox + Add-ons, so I never see the ads.

I didnt see any of them either, but the blocker was clicking away rapid-fire. No worries, I’d expect as much from “indiatimes” or whatever.

I wish I can point out the specific point of interest that I am talking about at DWH. I saw the strands that the engines were on, They said TWA. From my knowledge, I think they are widebody engines.