Try Air1 on track any flight.
Comes up as a SeaRanger helo from CYOO with a dramatic flight profile!!
Any offers on this curious plan, spurious or a test??

IN (uk)


On the flight map, “Air1” is currently [07:19 PM CST, 11/29] positioned in the Dallas area at 800 feet with a speed of 68. Although the craft is called a “single-turboprop”, it is actually a Bell helicopter.

“Air1” has a special meaning in Dallas. It is the designation of the Dallas Police Department’s patrol helicopter. Fort Worth PD’s helicopter is also an “Air1”.

I know that Dallas’s “Air1” coordinates with the Dallas air traffic controllers, even though it flies almost exclusively VFR.

Now [7:31 PM CST] “Air1” is shown around Honolulu at 400 feet with speed of 100.

I think the answer to IanNic64’s question is that “Air1” represents multiple in-air helicopters all around the country, each being entered into the ‘system’ as “Air1” by local traffic controllers.


Multiple aircraft are using the same flight ident in different parts of the continent, and most of them aren’t getting marked as arrived/cancelled. It sure makes for a great map.


Although the craft is called a “single-turboprop”, it is actually a Bell helicopter.

The “single turboprop” indicates that the aircraft has only 1 engine. This terminology applies to all aircraft - both fixed wing and rotary wing. It’s really helpful to ATC to know how many engines an aircraft has.


Air1 is the Durham Regional Police helicoptr, a Bell Jetranger, that flies out of Oshawa (CYOO). … sp?ID=1880


Air1 is the Durham Regional Police helicoptr

Air1 is also the police helicopter for Dallas, for Ft. Worth, and for the state of Texas Dept. of Public Safety, based in Garland. Three separate birds. It appears also to be the designation for the police helicopter in Honolulu and multiple other locations.

Police departments are not very imaginative in what they call their helicopter units. :frowning: Also local ATC staff don’t much care if there’s a duplicate flight number in Hawaii or Canada, just as long as they know what ‘Air1’ in their own area means.


And Denver as well… Air1…


It’s also an EC-120 flying for the Edomton Polcie Service which is the farthest north radar hit when you look up AIR1.