Air Schwarzenegger


Editorial: Air Schwarzenegger
The governor wings his way home daily

LA Times Published 12:00 am PDT Monday, March 10, 2008
Story appeared in EDITORIALS section, Page B4

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who once joked that Sacramento was “death,” apparently doesn’t want to spend many nights in the graveyard.
As the Los Angeles Times reported last week, the governor has been spending nearly every night in his Brentwood mansion, shuttling between Sacramento and Southern California in his private jet.
The governor uses his own money to pay for his Gulfstream flights, which price out at about $10,000 an hour, the Times reports.


Must be a new definition of “environmentally conscious politico” I’m not familiar with.


Obviously you haven’t heard of the first rule of politicians: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Keeping it aviation related: Doesn’t he realize there’s lots of flights between SMF and the LA area? He could fly on one of them and save tons of so-called greenhouse emissions.


Come on, our Governator got a hydrogen fuel cell engine in his Hummer, so this just balances out the equation. maybe he’s gotten his plane fitted with hydrogen burning engines.


Does anyone know Arnold’s Gulfstream reg? I’m curious whether he flies into Sac exec or KSMF. I suspect exec. as I don’t often see a GIV on the tarmac at SMF.


I believe Aunuld is a Netjet owner/customer.


Yes, I think so as well. When he was in New Orleans recently, he was using a NetJet GIV.



Yes Netjet makes “sense”. I can see daily flights between SMF-SMA using GIV’s registered N6…QS registered to NJI.

Regards to all. end-trans.


First of all, why hide the flight id? There’s no need to hide the number here.
Second: do you mean SMO (Santa Monica)?

Lastly, and to the point, I didn’t see any flights from SMF to SMO with a flight id having a 6 as the first number. I did find these GLF4 flights departing SMF for SMO:
N499QS GLF4 Sacramento Intl (KSMF) Mon 19:34 PDT Mon 20:22 PDT
N492QS GLF4 Sacramento Intl (KSMF) Wed 19:30 PST Wed 20:19 PST
N462QS GLF4 Sacramento Intl (KSMF) Wed 19:35 PDT Wed 20:23 PDT
N492QS GLF4 Sacramento Intl (KSMF) Thu 19:07 PST Thu 20:01 PST

I only found one GLF4 of NetJets in the opposite (i.e. to SMF) direction:
N462QS GLF4 Santa Monica Muni (KSMO) Tue 09:35 PDT Tue 10:29 PDT


I stand corrected. SMO not SMA. As you have indicated the aircraft equipment varies which is why I didn’t specify exact reg.


Didn’t mean to be too harsh. Sometimes people put in just a little bit of the registration like it’s some big, top secret.

By the way, only being able to access the last couple of days of data on the airport screens, did you happen to save the N6… numbers so we can look them up?


My typo resulted in the N6… I only saw the N4 list that you referenced. Appreciate your etiquette comments being new to the discussion forum.

Many years ago I was introduced to “plane spotting” by a friend in the U.K. One trip to LHR with viewing from the old observation area atop Terminal 1 got me hooked. I spent the 70’s spotting in and around Toronto and wherever my travels took me … frequently SFO and Bay Area airports. They were grand days when observation areas were open to the public and walking on the tarmac was often possible. With all of the security sensitivity now, if I were to pull out my binoculars and VHF radio around an airfield, I’d be intercepted in minutes and questioned. It’s a shame because I learned a tremendous amount by studying aircraft and speaking with the aviators and mechanics. Using FlightAware, I can at least watch the action from my office.

I’m enjoying the forum and will post anything that might interest the group.


LAAS Biz Jets quick link to look up biz jets…
LAAS Props quick link for turbo-props…

As most of the corporate aircraft on Flightaware are USA/Canada,

Canadian Registry quick search for current or historical, just type in the registration.

FAA Registry just type in the registration, do not include the ‘N’. So N462QS, would be 462QS.


For his speaking engagements across Canada this week he is using Pleasant Aircraft Leasing N851CB.

Next shot after is him getting on the plane.


N851CB is one of two Gulfstreams that is owned by Pleasant Holidays out of Hawaii. They are based at VNY and operated by Clay Lacy. Very nice aircraft.


Nice pics!!