Air france 7 a380


A380 Diverted to Bradley any ideas why? A nice treat!


I saw that JFK had some diversions today, and that they instituted a ground stop with the reason listed as equipment outage. Don’t know what kind of equipment, though.

It must have been a real pain for the passengers. While BDL is equipped to handle the A380, and while they do have a customs building, there are no regularly scheduled international flights (except to canada, which has preclearance), so the passengers would have had to wait for the customs folks to get to the airport, and then I imagine it would take forever to process an A380 worth of passengers at such a small facility.

Something similar happened to a Virgin Atlantic flight in June, see … _accidents

What’s your connection to BDL? Did you see the bird on the ground?

Also, it seems to have been AFR 6, not 7. See … /LFPG/KBDL

and … /KBDL/KJFK


I live about 15 miles from Bradley, and we have been the beneficiary of quite a few JFK diversions this year, including the Virgin flight you described. I saw the plane on final approach and couldn’t believe my eyes. When it filed a flight plan I drove down to check it out. Quite a machine…the biggest surprise was you couldn’t even hear it take off…unbelievably quiet.