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Air Force One

When trying to track Air Force One, the info is not shown. Is there a reason?


It’s a conspiracy. THEY don’t want you to know that the government actually has [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transporter_(Star_Trek)]Teleportation Devices](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transporter_(Star_Trek)]Teleportation Devices). Once it gets out that the government has spent billions of dollars on this (thus the reason for the huge deficit) then the taxpayers will be pretty ticked off because only Obama and his Counsel of Super Rich Dudes Who Actually Control the USA (CSRDWACU)are allowed to use the devices.

At the risk of my own life, here’s how it works:

  1. The President and/or member(s) of the CSRDWACU decide they want to go play golf someplace exotic (e.g Akron, OH0)
  2. The President and/or member(s) of the CSRDWACU get aboard Air Force One and/or their personal (but owned by the company) private jet.
  3. The President and/or member(s) of the CSRDWACU get into the Teleportation Device
  4. The aircraft on which the President and/or members of the CSRDWACU takes off.
  5. At approximately 5,493.4 feet, the Teleportation Device teleports the aircraft to a point that is exactly 1.323 miles from and 4932.9 feet above the destination airport.
  6. The aircraft lands normally
  7. None for the worse, the President and/or member(s) of the CSRDWACU exact the aircraft.

An unforeseen side benefit of the Teleportation Device is that it actually slowed down the rotation of the earth by 0.00000004 seconds, thus delaying the time that the sun goes super nova by the same amount of time. This is actually great because it means that the earth will not be destroyed by the sun going super nova for 4,943,333,111 years and 0.00000004 seconds instead of originally scheduled 4,943,333,111 years and 0 seconds.

or you can check the FAQ’s.

ah heck, I’ll do it for you.

Can I track military aircraft? What about presidential movements in Air Force One? (Back to top)
FlightAware does not track military aircraft and presidential movement flights (e.g., Air Force One, Marine One, etc.) are operated by the US military.

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Rw812…the jig is up expect NSA at yout door soon…

The NSA are nice people. Really! They only have my best interests in mind. And, no, they aren’t making me say this. Honestly!