Air Fiji Chinese built (Islander) hits terminal . . .


Flight Global article…guess he hit the biggest building around???

Click Here fortunately the Captain was wearing his crash equipment!!!


Harbin Y-12 is not a license-built Islander. Quite a bit bigger, even Burrard Air in their heyday didn’t cram 15 into an Islander :smiley:


Yeah, but the Chinese are smaller than Canucks!



Pat’s correct. the Y-12 is about the size of the DHC-6 Twin Otter.

See for more information.


Looks like a perfect airport restaurant.


When I was flying for San Juan Airlines, I was in Port Angles and I saw a Tri-islander. I asked my boss what it was and he said “More of a bad idea”


WOW! I don’t even want to know why you had access to that link! :laughing:



I’m especially fond of his, uhhhh, uhhhh, crotch protection :open_mouth: