Air Canada to ALB today … /CYWG/KALB

This aircraft flew from Winnepeg to Albany today, did a quick turn and then continued on to Florda.

I can’t figure out why. No scheduled service. Doesn’t make sense for it to be a fuel stop. Charter?

Anyone have any insight?

A lot of aircraft painting goes on at Lake City. They may have needed a customs stop before going to Lake City.

Thanks for the reply. If it was for customs, I would have imagined that they would have chosen a location more along the direct path of travel.

They might have been picking up Air Canada employees to take down to Lake City. However, it doesn’t appear that they serve Albany with their own aircraft, just their regional code share carriers.

Another thing is that they might have had some company material to pick up in Albany.

Only thing into ALB resembling AC is a Air Georgian 1900D a couple of times a day…

It appears that the aircraft used was C-GARG.

Might have cheaper fuel contract there.

Customs was probably cleared in Canada.

People or documents or even parts could have been in Albany.