Aiport activity tracking

I have a private strip in South Texas. Most of the time it is unattended. I would like to know if it is possible to have Flight Aware automatically email me when an aircraft takes off and lands there (similar to the email program for tracking a specific aircraft tail number). I suspect it is being used by unauthorized aircraft.

You can add airports to “My FlightAware.” However, FlightAware tracks IFR and very little VFR traffic so if the person using your airport isn’t on IFR then it’s unlikely that it will show up on FlightAware.

I thought email alerts were only good for tail numbers not airports which is the question the original poster was asking?

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Lieberma’s right. I glanced over the part about email alerts.

So i guess the short answer is, No.

Or you could use this
It will email you still images whenever it detects motion.

I was going to suggest a slightly lower-tech approach like:


Out of curiosity, is the strip 91TX?

I bet if you expressed enough concern to the Border Patrol they would set up something to keep an eye on it for you. :wink:

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Call the DEA! HSA is way too busy to be interested.

Man if it is that 91tx…that place is dead…OR all VFR traffic.

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Precisely why you’d contact the DEA.

“Hello, DEA? Yeah, I own a small strip down here on the border and there’s some guys been flying in at night and unloading bales of something into pickup trucks which drive away at a high rate of speed. Wonder if you could check it out?”

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Which civilized countries grow it as a crop, tax it and let little old ladies sell it?