Aged and Oblivious!


So J, his wife and a few of their friends are out playing around last night. They circled our lake and house several times while we were eating dinner and I NEVER HEARD THEM!!!

Coming over the golf course enroute to the house, J in the brown CJ he wants to buy so badly he can taste it, phonecam pic compliments of his wife in the backseat of the famous YAK-52 AV8OR:

The fourth aircraft of the gaggle, his friend Mort’s beautiful YAK-50:


Cheap camera or pastel paint?


What part of “phonecam pic” don’t you understand?


Don’t have a cell phone I didn’t realize they sucked this bad!


Some of them take pretty decent photos, but none of them are a substitute for an inexpensive camera.


My cell phone camera has a 3 megapixel camera with auto focus, I don’t think an inexpensive camera can beat me! lol


A LARGE (3MP) grainy, color bleeding picture is still a crappy photo, the size of it has nothing to do with the quality.

Don’t confuse auto-focus with fixed focus, they’re not the same and there are very few cell phones with true auto-focus. If you don’t have the ability to optically zoom your camera, it almost certainly doesn’t have the ability to auto-focus.