AF333 12/12/15


I was looking at the data from this flight and can’t figure for certain what I’m seeing.

It took off from Boston the date infers that it landed at Garder Center Newfoundland 2 hours and 15 minutes later. The flight track log show the plane westbound at 600 feet near the Gardner airport at 10.41, then eastbound again about 8 minutes later. There is no altitude or speed data from there. It shows the flight arriving at 8:29 am, but location and direction data continues until 3:01 Am.

A Google search for that flight that day comes up empty as far as any news of something making them land at Gardner.

Any ideas about what happened here?


Looks like AFR 333 diverted to Gander. Look at the next later entry in the history, it continues from Gander to its destination. Just posted as two flights. No idea as to why it diverted.