Aeroflot (Aэрофлот)

Why does Aeroflot shows up on FA and ADSBExchange as registered in the UK?


It may me helpful to provide some ICAO addresses to aid with the trouble shooting.


Aeroflot SU2521 LEMG to UUEE today 1259 to 2004 local.

dump1090-mutability flag shows Union Jack and country of origin UK every time I see any aeroflot.


Sorry to waste your time, seems some of the aircraft are leased and registered in the Bahamas.

Russian registered ICAO are formatted like so:
RF-00001 to RF-99999 (state-owned aircraft)
RA-00001 to RA-99999 and RA-0001A to RA-9999Z (all others)

United Kingdom registered aircraft are formatted like so:
G-1-1 to G-99-99 (Test and delivery)

Check if the aircrafts ICAO matches one of these formats.

It depends where the aircraft was registered.

Many Aeroflot aircraft are registered in Bermuda (VP) using ICAO hex codes that belong to the UK allocation.

@jprochazka: those are tail numbers
@phillx19090: what is the ICAO address? (The 6 hex digit number)

dump1090-mutability decides on country of registration based on which allocated range the ICAO address falls into.

Brain fart on my part…

And on my part too JP! Shows how my mind works.

ICAO = airport - Hex = aircraft code!

I’ll dig out the code but having read the wiki I’m sure it has a political/financial motivation .

Thanks to all for the help.


EDIT: AFL2521 Hex 4243f0
Boeing 737-8LJ

Aeroflot is required to only buy Russian made airliners which makes sense being the airline is 51% state owned. To get around this they lease their Western built planes. They’re all registered in Bermuda (VP- & VQ-). Only their Superjets have Russian registrations (RA-)