Aerial Noise

I had my aerial installed up on my chimney back in July, great gains in reception.

However 1st half a storm this year and we wake up at 5am to a noise vibration in the walls. These vibrations come and go as we hear the wind come and go. Sometimes the noise gets louder (a cable hitting a pole)

Oh joy. the wife is not impressed.

Aerial man coming on Saturday hopefully to have a look, from a distance I can’t see that the aerial is loose or anything, I think its the same as when he installed it.

Googling gets me to this page. Is your antenna making noise? Use a rope! - PA9X


Resonating pole seems to be my best guess at the moment? Anyone else had this issue and used this solution as per the link?

It’s almost certainly resonance due to vortex shedding. It can be quite a problem with slender cylindrical structures because they are flexible enough for it to cause them to deflect, and if you are unlucky enough that the resonant frequency of the pole coincides with the vortex shedding at a particular range of wind speeds then you get the problem you have.

Adding a rope spiral (or even use the coax if you have spare) should be enough to get rid of most of the problem. It shouldn’t need to be as tightly wound as the picture in that article (as in the spacing between each turn, not how tight on the pole it is). The other option is to change the length of the tube slightly - move it up or down a bit in the clamp, which will change the resonant frequency. If that doesn’t get rid of the problem completely, it might move it to a wind speed that is less likely to occur.

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Yep aerial guy came today and he wrapped some spare cat5 cable that I had in a spiral down the pole… will see how that goes!

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