Aer Lingus Diversion to CYYT

Just tracking flights tonight and I noticed a 757 under Aer Lingus flying CYYT -EINN, flight 2132…

It looks like a final leg of a diversion from last night on the normal BOS-EINN flight, 132… A long stay in St John’s

Who would be flying this Ryan Int’l or ATA? I could not find a 757 into CYYT.(a database sort function would be awsome…)

Any info on the reason for the diversion and who is flying the 757?

Cracked windshield cause of diversion.

Plane was also carrying caustic soda.

Below is the flight sent to pick up passengers. … /CYYT/EINN

Flight # 132 is an A330 where as flight #2132 is a B757.