Advancements shaping the future of aviation

The difficulties experienced by aviation industry‘s players in the crisis period have certainly affected speed of overall industry development. New efficient engines, 3D printing, Google Glass, iPads on board and many other stuff is affecting the way we fly - the struggle for survival have launched a whole bunch of new technologies, a process which is not likely to stop in the nearest future. Now almost no one doubts the fact that the aviation industry is on the verge of a new round of evolution.

  1. The buzzing drones
    Although drones are still a pretty recent invention, they – as a market – are growing fast and will soon hit their teens. And just like teenagers, drones like to hang out in packs. There’s even a special term for it ─ Quadrotors.

  2. Where does reality start… or end?
    Augmented reality, like the one in Matrix or Inception, seems to be next big step in pilots’ safety and information training. Mainstream flight simulation developers have discovered some fantastic methods of circumventing or enhancing basic limitations, bringing hyper-natural and realistic experiences in pilot training.

  3. The Iron Man costume…
    It is real and it is here! Jumping from a plane without a parachute might not sound so drastic as it does now and could be the future for pilots, made possible by hi-tech.

  4. Green power
    Technological advances in electric-powered flight today will not only make the act of flying cheaper. Crucially, they also promise to revolutionize how the aeronautics industry impacts the global environment. Today, Boeing’s 747 uses five gallons of fuel every mile. This means that about 36,000 gallons of fuel are being burned during a 10-hour flight.

  5. Flying cars
    It was always just a matter of time before the world demanded some kind of flying machine which would replace the automobile.
    Ta-dah! One such novel approach is the PAL-V (personal air-land vehicle), a sort of flying motorcycle conceived in Europe that converts from a road-going three-wheeler into a gyrocopter that appears to fly as well as it drives — which is to say very well in both regards.