unreachable with IPV4?


Since about a week or so I’ve been unable to reach by getting stuck @ I thought this might be the result of IPV6 traffic (direct and encapsulated) being blocked here by the firewall. It appears however that it’s also not reachable via relatively unfiltered 4G access.

Can someone conform that there is indeed a problem with the site or is it something I’m doing wrong? I would like to stay up to date on the software’s developments…



Same problem here. is a dynamic dns provider. Likely cause is that the IP address of the dump1090 host has changed and duckdns has not been updated. I am using ip4.


Sorry to say, same here. Few days ago was pointing to go daddy saying that domain expired so I am assuming that Joe Prochazka is having problems with his site once again…
Joe, if you are reading and need help, let us know :slight_smile:


Joe is back :slight_smile: also there are new releases so check out and