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ADSBHub shows more than Piaware skyaware

I am using Piaware 4.0. normally I use ip-adres of RPI and then look at the dump1090-fa, everything OK.
recently started with ADSBHUB, cause I already used AISHUB for Marinetraffic.
and Piaware is streaming to ADSBHUB, also works fine.
but I see a difference between output on dump1090-fa and ADSBHUB!!
there are more planes on ADSBHUB than on Piaware??
as Piaware is the source for ADSBHUB, this surprises me.
anyone who has the same experience?

I will check this by separating feeds from different Pi’s. Right now I feed adsbhub from ModeSMixer2 which combines outputs from dump1090-fa of my Pi 1, 2 & 3 (only ADSB, no mlat)

--outConnect msg:data.adsbhub.org:5001

Other people feed asdsbhub as well?
Your coverage is limited so why wouldn’t there be more planes on adsbhub?

The adsbhub renders two maps, one showing only the logged-in users feed, the other combined feeds of all the feeders in the area, as well as location of these stations as colored dots. I think @wbdegans is referrig to map which shows his feed only.

Combined feed of all stations in Ontario & Newyork region


Feed by abcd567 only

I’ve tried to use modesmixer2 on a RPi to feed ADSBHUB in the past using the exact command that you suggest but without success. Can I ask what the settings should be in ADSBHUB i.e. feeder type and data protocol?

Many thanks

In ModeSMixer settings, the data protocole is msg. Please see below the last line of mm2.conf file

In Adsbhub settings data type is SBS and my fixed IP.

ModeSMixer2 Settings

I feed them the output of my dongle (port 30005 of dump1090-fa) and Mlat results from Adsbexchange (port 30157).

I dont feed the mlat results of Flightaware to other sites as Flightaware do not allow this.

pi@piaware:~ $ cat /usr/share/mm2/mm2.conf




 --web 8787
 --location 43.xxx:-79.xxx
 --outConnect msg:data.adsbhub.org:5001 

Adsbhub Settings

Many thanks. I had Beast as my data protocol in Modesmixer i.e. --outConnect Beast:data.adsbhub.org:5001

I’ve now changed that to msg and it’s working.

Thank you again

When I wrote my first post above, I was away from home, hence wrote settings from memory and wrote beast instead of msg for --outConnect.

Now I am at home, so opened mm2.conf file by SSH and copy-pasted from it in my last post, which shows actual and correct setting: msg for --outConnect.

I have now changed beast to msg in my first post to avoid anyone getting misguided.

Because what I mean is, that I look locally, so on my RPI-adres/dump1090-fa and on my own station name in ADSBHUB, yes I do know that I’m not the only one that’s feeding, but in this case I see the difference locally!

you’re right, looking locally only!

Most likely different timeout or something like that.

Beyond that you’d need to show screenshots … anyhow it’s a bit futile.

in this case the difference is 4, but mostly around 10

Does adsbhub display how long ago the last message from a plane was received?

The 2 planes in the north east might well me out of coverage for some time.

ok, could be, but my RPI with Piaware is the source for both displays!
1 source, but 2 different outputs, I have two tabs open on chrome so that I can switch quickly

Another screen shows the aircraft I’m tracking. Last message received is upwards of 542 seconds, not sure the exact cutoff. And the screen with the number of aircraft is over a 15 minute period if I read it right so it’s not showing a snapshot in time but over time period. Could be wrong…

Yeah you don’t understand how the data is transferred between the programs.
If i’m not mistaken they both keep their own state as in where is which aircraft and when do they time out after not receiving anything from them.

In doubt i’ll just say that dump1090-fa is very reliable and usually VRS or one of the other less well programmed interface just display bad or old data.

Yeah if that’s the adsbhub client that would confirm it.

OK, thanks, I was just wondering why I would see a difference.
thanks everybody.