According to the site has ranked from position 2.280.000 to position 2.052.000 in just two months (global ranking) , where 81% of their traffic came from UK


But nothing compared to which is currently ranking around positon 8000

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Think @abcd567 effectively answered it, the code is available on github, it is free and open source (I think) so fairly easy to set up. Suppose the aircraft interest along with the computer interest is the motivation.


…and went offline (can’t find server).

It must be on your end. Where are you located and who is doing your DNS? I have no trouble connecting to from Florida.

Thanks, and it’s back online again here in the EU.

This site can’t be found, because you added http and not https

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Use https AND www


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It works without www.

Once you launch it without, it will be added as forwarder automaticall.
It’s the way how the domain and it’s subdomains are set up

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