Ads cover radar picture


I like the new radar picture (or maybe it’s not new and I’m just slow) but I live in New England. What good does this radar image really do me?

I understand you need ads for revenue, but at the point where the ads make cover up and make content useless (with no apparent way to get rid of the ad), you’re just frustrating users and defeating the purpose of the content to begin with.


Well, at least you can see part of the map!


That’s not supposed to happen. I’ve notified the advertising technical guys to put an end to that.


Cool, Thanks!


What browser are you using? We can’t reproduce the problem.


Firefox 3.0.4


Does it happen every time or only with that ad or only once?


Well ain’t that just the way?

It doesn’t happen at all any more.

I refreshed the page 10 times and couldn’t replicate the issue, even when the ad was different.


It may have happened if you clicked on the image before the ad loaded or something. Let us know if it happens again.


Or… you could just move to florida like everyone else.




You don’t need to worry about weather. You need to watch out for that giant cherokee with the pillows still in heading your way…


I use FireFox 3.0.4 and I never see any ads. You need to install the “Adblock” add-on to FireFox and you will never see an ad again.