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ADS build instructions.

So I found the parts list for the ADS-B but I see no instructions on how to put them all together. Is it self explanatory when you get the parts or am I missing something?

Thanks, Chuck

It is fairly selfexplanatory. The Pi itself is a readymade board, you just need to put it in the case (most cases are a two-part plastic design that snaps together around the board).

Then it’s mostly a case of put plug A in socket B - the Pi has a SD card adaptor for the SD card, a micro USB port for power, HDMI port for video out, USB ports for the SDR dongle (+ keyboard, wifi, etc as needed), ethernet port for networking. The SDR dongle has a single connector for the antenna. It should be fairly hard to plug anything in to the wrong place :slight_smile:

Did you miss this page:


Thanks for your responses!! Yes that is the page I was on, I guess I was expecting it to be harder than just plugging in the cords.

The thing that stumped me the most was where to put the SD card. Once I figured it out, it seemed obvious, but it wasn’t obvious at first.

If you are new to the Raspberry Pi, the most common source of problems is the power supply – make sure you’re using a power supply that can deliver 5 Volts at at least 1 Amp. With the SDR, probably 2 Amps. There are plenty of sources for good power supplies for the Pi – there’s a separate thread on Pi goodies.

Have fun!

bob k6rtm

powered HUB as solution, i needed to add it to, bcouse my pi didnt pulled the R820T, and my 100mW wifi stick.

one litle advice.
raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/qu … wer-supply
if you suffer from NO vga on the monitor after power-up.