ADS-B UAT Data Not Synced

I’m a little stumped on what is causing my issue. I have two feeders, two Pi’s, one running 1090 ADS-B the other running 978 UAT. Both Pi’s are running a clean install of 7.1 PiAware. I have setup merged feed so my ADS-B and UAT data show up on my Flightaware page. This setup has been running pretty well for a while now with no issues, except for this.
My UAT page will show a few GA aircraft tracked on a particular day; say for this example 8, if I look at my 1090 ADS-B feeder page it will read differently; 6 on March 8th.
As of late it’s not been syncing at all so it shows 0 on the UAT section of my ADS-B page, but the UAT page will show several aircraft- see pics. Is this a NTP issue or time stamp issue or what?
Top pic is my merged feed ADS-B page with UAT
Bottom pic is my UAT page.
Thanks for any help.

How, specifically? Merged feeds are very easy to get wrong and the preferred setup is to feed the data separately from each device.

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This setup has been running for months on end with no issues with the numbers being off.
So I don’t believe it’s anything related to setup.
But to answer your question:

On the ADSB pi I added to the piaware-config

UAT-receiver-type other
UAT-receiver-port 30978

And yes, the pi’s have been rebooted since setup, months ago.
Thank you

So… you’re saying it’s never worked correctly?

I’d guess that in the combined site, aircraft with both a Mode S transponder and a UAT transponder are producing both mlat and UAT positions, and the stats is counting them as mlat, not UAT. It’s not meant to work like that, but that’d be my guess.

What was stated is that this setup has worked great but over time UAT stats no longer match up. Please look at the pics for clarification.
Look at the UAT site info on the bottom pic and compare it to the ADS-B site that has merged UAT data fed (top pic). The numbers don’t match on the UAT row…(the red row)

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