ADS-B North America


ADS_B North America Schedules

I have been researching the status of ADS-B implementation in North America.

These are the most current documents I could find for US and Mexico.

USA: … lation.pdf

As of May 1 2014, there were 4755 equipped aircraft in the US and approximately 150,000 more that are required to upgrade before 2020.

The Mexico implementation schedule for major airports. … IMPP04.pdf

Still looking for Canada.


This article reports 8,800 equipped planes as of January 2015 which brings the remaining USA fleet requiring equipment installation by 2020 down to about 135,000-140,000. … ads-b-gear

And, the viewpoint of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. … cast-ADS-B


I was wondering about the commercial regional fleet. At SEA, we have swarms of RJs and Q400s that give me no usable data. (Yes, I know, SEA is nothing compared to JFK or ORD. First world problems :slight_smile: ) Other than by 2020, any places that might have a time table of what carriers may be planning equipment changes when?