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ADS-B (non transponder)

Hi All,
New to this hobby and apologies if the answer is obvious, but I noticed my first
ADS-B (non transponder) Data Source and just wondered what it could be?
Ident was SPOTTER

It appeared to alternate between 100 ft and 50 ft in a short space of time.
It was located close to Draycot Aerodrome, south of Swindon, Wiltshire, UK.

Here’s what was reported:


Could be a ground vehicle.

Most likely a uav from:

They fly from Draycot and have photos of one referred to as “Spotter”.

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Thank you Lawrence - I’m sure you’re absolutely right!
The web site https://www.sotonuav.uk/calendar/ has further events listed for Draycot so I will make a note to look out for UAV activity on those days.
Since it is so close to my home QTH I may make a visit and watch the activity close up.
The Spotter looks very interesting aircraft.

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